Yelm City Park Playground Open Today

The new grass is looking great! The fences were removed today, and the playground will be open for all to enjoy. Special thanks to the Yelm Mom’s Club who donated swings to ensure kids of all ages and abilities can use this play area!

The Splash Pad will not be pumping water until Thurston County completes a preoperational inspection. Last week, the manufacturer completed performance testing and training with City staff to ensure the Splash Pad is functioning properly, which it is! We answered all questions posed by the State and County Health Departments regarding the Splash Pad and surrounding infrastructure before hand delivering the manufacturers report to the Washington State Department of Health Wednesday morning. Once those answers are approved, we can schedule a preoperational inspection with Thurston County. If that inspection goes well, we will be authorized to open it for play. We appreciate your patience as our team works tirelessly with multiple agencies to get the entire park online.