Getting Started

Getting Started- The first step in starting a business is to contact the Planning & Building Division to discuss the details of your project.  Depending on the scale, it may only take a phone call or visit to our customer service counter to get things moving.  If your project is more complicated, we will ask you to come in for a pre-submission meeting where our team will be able to answer your questions from landscaping to sewage disposal and provide a written ‘road map’ to get your project successfully completed.

Application- Once you have the background, you are ready to fill out the application and get the process started. All applications are online in the Building & Planning Permits Page Page.  Each application includes a checklist and applicable fee.  To learn more about the different types of applications and the processes associated with getting them approved, please visit Permit Information.  The fee schedule contains a list of development related fees and charges.

Submit- When the application is complete, you can submit it to City Hall or through the online forms portal for review. During the review process, we ensure the application is complete before it is sent to other agencies for their comments.

Clarification- Throughout the process, if there are questions or concerns that come up, staff from the Planning & Building Division will contact you and may ask you to clarify the project.

Approval- At the end of the review process, you will get an approval. The approval may contain conditions which must be met as you proceed with the project.  If you are unhappy with the decision, you can file to appeal.