Hazards Mitigation Plan


The City has participated in the Regional Natural Hazards Workgroup to create a disaster resilient region, and has published the 3rd Edition of the Hazards Mitigation Plan for the Thurston Region.

The document provides guidance and mitigation strategies to reduce the risks of the most destructive hazards that threaten the region. The Yelm Hazards Mitigation Plan Annex specifically addresses our community and sets priorities for mitigating losses and protecting life and property.

Earthquakes, landslides, severe storms, floods, wildland fires, volcanic events, and other less common hazards can cause lengthy disruptions and are costly to communities, the state, and the federal government. Hazard mitigation breaks the disaster cycle by identifying and implementing sustained actions that eliminate long-term risks to life and property.

The City invites you to review and comment on the plan, and to open discussion on what the City can to help prepare and address possible hazards.