Criminal Procedures

Arraignment- is your initial court hearing where you are advised of the charges and your rights. You are asked to plead guilty or not guilty. If a plea of not guilty is entered, your case will be scheduled for a Pre Trial hearing. If a guilty plea is entered, your case may or may not be settled at that hearing. 
Pre-Trial hearing- is a chance for you to discuss your case with the prosecutor. If an agreement is not reached, you may request a Jury Trial or a Bench Trial. 
Bench Trial -is a trial held before the Judge. The Judge determines the outcome based on the evidence presented. 
Jury Trial- is a trial held before 6 jurists. Jury Trials are held at the Thurston County District Court, Building 2, at the Thurston County Courthouse on Lakeridge Drive in Olympia. 
Failure to Comply review hearings- are hearings scheduled by the court when there is no proof of compliance with court ordered conditions. 
Public Defender- is a lawyer appointed by the Yelm Municipal Court to represent individuals accused of crimes prosecuted in the Municipal Court and who are indigent and cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. 
Failure to appear -at any of your criminal court hearings, you are subject to the issuance of a bench warrant ordering your arrest.
To Appeal a guilty finding by the Yelm Municipal Court, you must file a Notice of Appeal within 30 days of the judgment. The Notice of Appeal form can be picked up and filed with the Court. For a non-criminal case, you will need to pay a filing fee of $220.00. For a criminal case, you will need to pay a transmittal fee of $40.00. You may request a CD of the Court proceedings for a fee of $20.00.