Water Utility

WaterMainPublicWorks - CopyThe City of Yelm Water Utility provides high quality, safe drinking water for the citizens of Yelm. All of Yelm's water comes from groundwater wells owned and operated by the City. Water rates cover all operation and maintenance expenses, emergency repairs, and any water system debt service. New connections to the water system also pay a one-time fee to cover the costs associated with new infrastructure requirements necessary to serve the connection.

Programs administered by the Water Utility include maintenance and repair of water system infrastructure, water quality and regulatory compliance, resource management, conservation, wellhead protection, and water production and storage.

The City is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the water mains and service lines from the street to the backside of the service meter. The owner is responsible for the service from the backside of the meter to the home. All plumbing in the home and landscape irrigation systems are also the responsibility of the owner. Back flow prevention devices are required on all irrigation systems and fire lines.

Avoid Cross Connections: One of the concerns of the Washington State Department of Health involves drinking water cross connections. A cross connection is any connection between a safe drinking water source and an unsafe source of water or liquid. This connection presents a health risk and needs to be eliminated or controlled. For more information on eliminating or controlling cross connections, please review the following  Pacific Northwest Section American Water Works Association brochures  . If you need help determining what type or where to install a back flow device,  or the safety of your plumbing with regards to back flow, please contact the City of Yelm Cross Connection Control Specialist at 360-458-8406.

Water System Planning: As a water system purveyor regulated by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), the City of Yelm is required to update its Water System Plan every six years. As defined by DOH, the principal goal of water system planning is to make the best use of the City's resources in order to provide high-quality service and protect the health of its customers. 

Water System Maintenance: The City of Yelm's Water Department periodically conducts water system maintenance and testing that involves flushing hydrants and water mains. This flushing provides the City with needed system information and is also part of the City's routine maintenance of the water system. This work, performed by the City, is timed to avoid flushing during high peak-season demands on our system. This avoids waste and conserves our limited water supply while we endeavor to provide safe and adequate water service for both domestic and fire protection purposes. Typically, customers will be notified in advance of upcoming flushing events. During flushing, customers may experience a slight drop in household water pressure and notice discolored water as sediments are flushed from the system. The sediment and discolored water are not a health hazard and should not be cause for concern.
For service changes, please call Utility Billing at 360-458-3244

To review current engineering and development standards, please visit Development Guidelines.

If you experience a water system malfunction or emergency at any time please call 360-789-9079, including after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays and you will be connected to a dispatcher who will send someone to your location.

If you experience a sewer system malfunction or if your sewer alarm comes on at any time please call 360-458-8411 to be connected to our sewer treatment plant. If you call after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays, your call will be routed to a call-out phone and one of our employees will promptly reply.