Staff Directory

If you experience a water system malfunction or emergency after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays, please call 360-704-2740.

If you experience a sewer malfunction after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays, or if your sewer alarm comes on, please call 360-458-8411.

For all other emergencies or if you are unable to get through, please call 911.

Department First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Executive JW Foster Mayor (360)-458-8401
Executive Michael Grayum City Administrator (360)-458-8405
Executive Dana Spivey Exec. Assistant to
City Administrator & Mayor (360)-458-8816
Yelm City Council EJ Curry Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Molly Carmody Councilmember (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Cody Colt Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Tad Stillwell Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Tracey Wood Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Joe DePinto Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Terry Kaminski Council Member (360)-458-3244
Executive Lori Lucas City Clerk & HR Manager (360)-458-8402
Finance Heidi MacDonald Senior Accountant (360)-458-8404
Finance Grace Friberg Utility Clerk (360)-458-8815
Executive Ashlee Sund Administrative Assistant (360)-458-3244
Executive Michelle Christin Administrative Assistant (360)-458-3244
Community Development Grant Beck Community Development Director (360)-458-8408
Community Development Chris Vaccaro Building Official (360)-458-8407
Executive Karen Bennett HR Specialist (360)-458-8450
Community Development Tami Merriman Associate Planner (360)-458-8496
Municipal Court Sonia Ramirez Court Administrator (360)-458-3152
Municipal Court Donni Burnham Court Clerk court@yelmwagov._ (360)-458-3242
Police Department Todd Stancil Police Chief (360)-458-5080
Police Department Rob Carlson Sergeant (360)-458-5513
Police Department Jared Geray Patrol Officer
Police Department Bill DeVore Detective
Police Department Chris Davis Patrol Officer
Police Department Devon Taylor Patrol Officer
Police Department Anthony Sparkuhl Patrol Officer
Police Department Donna McCann Administrative Assistant
Police Department Dan Rozier Patrol Officer
Police Department Joel Turner Sergeant
Police Department Matt Rompa Patrol Officer
Police Department Pat Clark Records Clerk
Police Department Stacy Field Community Outreach Officer
Police Department Tillman Atkins Patrol Officer
Public Works Patrick Hughes Project Manager (360)-458-8499
Public Works Bill VanBuskirk Treatment Plant Manager (360)-458-8430
Public Works Jennifer Beauchamp Administrative Assistant (360)-458-8436
Public Works Aris McClelland Treatment Plant Operator (360)-458-8426
Public Works Tyler Harper Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Public Works John Edwards Mechanic johne@yelmwa.go (360)-458-8406
Public Works John Ivey Water Plant Operator johni@yelmwa.govs (360)-458-8406
Executive Andrew Kollar Communications Specialist (360)-458-8420
Public Works Ryan Edwards Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Public Works Ted Johnson Treatment Plant
Operator Assistant (360)-458-8426
Public Works Jonathan Richards Water Plant Operator (360)-458-8406
Public Works Tobie Stevens Field Supervisor (360)-458-8406
Public Works Tony Edwards Water Plant Operator (360)-458-8406
Public Works Tony Reece Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Public Works Eric Kolb Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Technology Jason Hardy System Administrator (360)-458-5705
Finance Michael Malek Accounting Assistant (360)-458-8437
Public Works Mike Irvin Custodian (360)-458-8406
Community Development Derek McCoy Civil Review Engineer (360)-458-8132
Police Department Brad Bard Patrol Officer
Technology Aaron Green Computer Support Specialist
Public Works Jared Swanson Treatment Plant Operator (360)-458-8426
Public Works Jeremy Campeau (360)-458-8406
Police Department Don Moody Patrol Officer