Utility Policies


1. Bills are processed on the last business day of the month.

2. Bills are due on the 15th of the month.

3. Bills become delinquent on the 16th of the month, and delinquency notices are sent on the 22nd.

4. Payment for any delinquent balance is due on the second Tuesday of the month.

5. Accounts will be disconnected on the second Wednesday of each month and a $50 fee will be assessed.

6. Public works cannot receive payment in the field.

7. To be reinstated the same day, the full past due balance and a $50 fee must be paid before 3 p.m . Any payments received after 3 p.m. will be reinstated the next day.

8. Disconnect fees are never credited. There are no exceptions to shut off day, regardless of the physical status of your water at the time of payment. 

9. Landlords are responsible for signing tenants into utilities. Tenants can disconnect their utility accounts, but the water will be shut off. 

10. Following 90 days, all delinquent balances on closed tenant accounts are transferred to landlord accounts.

11. All charges are lienable against the property. 

 12. The City of Yelm cannot credit charges without the identification of a leak.

See Yelm Municipal Code, Title 13 for additional information regarding water and sewers.