Annual Fire Inspection

logoAnnual Fire Inspections for All Businesses

The South East Thurston Fire Authority works in conjunction with the City of Yelm, on the performance of Annual Fire Inspections for all businesses within the city limits of Yelm.

The function of these inspections is to address any code violations that include but are not restricted to, the testing and maintenance of all required fire suppression systems.

South East Thurston Fire Authority initiates contact with business owners to schedule the owner-attended walk-through of the building. The walk-through will include the examination of fire suppression equipment and the paperwork required for their servicing, observation of all required egress areas, the storage of all types of goods, and any inspections deemed required by applicable codes.

What to Expect

The performance of Annual Fire Inspections of businesses in Yelm are at no financial cost to the business owner.

The goal of the inspection is not to obstruct the conducting of business and SETFA is flexible in regards to scheduling. The inspector is willing to work independently, or escorted by the business owner or a designee of the owner. A complete inspection will require the inspector has access to all rooms and areas of the building. Please provide any keys and prepare all areas for inspection as the inspector will not move or relocate any items while performing their duties.

When the inspection is complete, the inspector leaves a report with the building owner that notes any deficiencies in the building and will communicate a reasonable timeframe, to correct any deficiencies or violations. It will be the duty of the business owner to correct said violations and request re-inspection of their business.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Deputy Fire Marshall Lt. Matt Russell of SETFA at (360) 915-2195.